A return to the big screen

Every once in a while, you just get that itch.

When I had it in college, I started a Livejournal. Oh, the angst. And, most likely, some terrible writing. I’ve kind of forgotten all that, and I think I deleted the Livejournal.

When I had it after a layoff a few years ago, it was Blogger. Actually, it was pretty good therapy and took up some time while I tried to convince employers that I was a good fit for their whatever they did.

This time, there’s no life crisis, nor any angst. (Thank goodness). I’m employed with a day job and a weekend job (weekend job pictured below), I have good friends, and I end most days with a smile on my face.

But yet.

I still want an outlet for my thoughts, which, with any luck, have matured since I was 19. When my next door neighbors’ son died, a victim of suicide and drugs, it hit me hard, even though he and I hadn’t chatted in a long while. And sometimes, things happen that just require extra thoughts — perhaps, as well, the perspective of others.

Forgive me for starting in medias res. But exposition isn’t really my strong suit. Narration is. With any luck, every post will, indeed, tell a story.

My main musical instrument on the weekends.

This is my main musical instrument on the weekends.


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