Let’s get real estate

Here’s one of those admissions that will get me advice from people I haven’t talked to in years:

I want to buy a home, and soon.

This might be out of my price range, though.

The plan has been, since I moved back in with my family because of unemployment almost three years ago, that I would pay off my student loan debts and save money until I could buy my own place.

Objective 1 was accomplished late last year. Take that, government! And now, I’m focusing on part 2.

I have plenty of steady work, between my day job and the organisting. I’m doing fine on my car loan. I still have a decent amount of money saved, enough that I probably could put down an FHA loan down payment and still have plenty left for an emergency fund in case my job spirals down on me again. And even then, I’m just dipping my toe into the real estate market, and I’ll probably have saved more money by the time I’m ready to buy.

And it’s not like I’m the only one of my age thinking about this. A few friends have bought their own places. Granted, many of them are married or near married, and I’m not. But I’m also not looking for anything extravagant — a modest home will do.

I’m thinking condo or townhome, closer to Chicago than where I live now, but not in Chicago. (It was fun to live in Chicago, but it’s not really where I want to settle.) But there’s a lot of time to work this out — and I want to be sure I get this right.


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