For just 35 cents a day, you too can feed a starving church organ

So the organ at church is working again, Deo gratias.

Problem is, fixing that motor is just the start. The organ still has several issues. Keys don’t work or get stuck on. Pipes get clogged or fall out of tune. Key covers fall off. And worst of all, one of the air reservoirs has come loose — if it’s loose, the volume goes down because less air is going through the pipes — and we use duct tape to try to keep it on.

That’s right: the organ is being held together with duct tape.

Oh, there's tape in other areas. But I have to retape this part every week.

It almost feels like we should have a fundraising drive, because these fixes aren’t cheap, and the parish doesn’t really have the money to get all this taken care of.

For just a dollar a day, you, too, can fix the broken key on the choir manual! That’s less than a cup of coffee from the vending machine, and it will ensure we always hear that D.

But wait! There’s more!

For three bucks, we’ll name a key after you. Yes, you can make the lowest F sharp the “Larry Jones F sharp.”

In reality, I’m thinking, quite seriously, about setting up a concert that would raise some funds for the next time the organ kerplunks. Or the piano, which has a key I’ve broken two years in a row, where it plays both G and F sharp at the same time. That sounds perty bad.

But getting this stuff taken care of is about more than simply having good sounding music when you’re at a Catholic church. Every week, we praise God with some pretty darn good music. With a little bit of planning and some resourcefulness, maybe we can keep it that way.


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