The paper chase

My favorite sheet music store is closing.

This is not insignificant. Almost every single piece of sheet music I’ve bought in the last three years came from this store, and there isn’t another in the area. That means I’ll need to start looking online for my sheet music, and that’s bad.

When you’re evaluating whether to buy sheet music, you need to look at it to see whether it’s at your ability level (if it’s too easy, it sounds stupid; if it’s too hard, you won’t play it because it’s too hard). The page turns need to be right (sometimes, the pages are put together weirdly, and trying to get back to a previous page if the music calls for it is tricky). You need to see if the size of the notes are such that the music is legible.

This is difficult, if not impossible, online. Some companies that are nice allow you to look at at least a portion of the music to try to evaluate whether to buy it. But others are not, and you have to guess as to whether you can use that music.

Guess I’m making a run over there today. But after that, we’ll chalk up another win, alas, for what seems like the conveniences of modern life.

Update (5/6): Hey Googlers! I only used the name of the store in the tags and in a link, but yes, this post refers to Brookdale Music in Naperville. The store is closing, according to several emails and snail mails they’ve sent out, and “store closing” signs were in the windows last time I checked.


Update (5/30): They’ve taken it back and intend to stay open.

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