There’s something about searching

WordPress has a feature in which you can see what search engine terms have been used to lead people to your website. This is totally worth wasting a blog post on, because it’s actually kind of interesting.

A good number of the searches have gone to my post about organist Cameron Carpenter. Apparently, this humble site has come up in searches such as:

cameron carpenter organist in carmel, rockafeller

cameron carpenter chicago

cameron carpenter rockefeller chapel reviews

He found his hand! It’s right there!

Then there’s this search: for 35 cents a day you too can feed

The first Google result for that is this post, which struck a chord with a Twitter friend across the pond, who retweeted it. Her church, she said, also is a bit underfunded, and it’s tough to find funding to keep the organ in good shape.

A few searches led to my post on Nicholas Kristof swinging and missing on the Vatican’s work to reform a group of American nuns. One was what is the vatican asking nuns to do? and another was sister alicia torres chucago tribune, a reference to my old friend who’s now a nun.

Just don’t suggest that her life is anything like “Sister Act.”

Several searches asked whether Brookdale Music in Naperville (a nearby suburb in Illinois) is closing. (Yes.) (Not anymore.)

But my favorite search that led someone to my page is this one: baby elephant walk with a little reggae kinda beat

That took them to my post on fantasy baseball. Because I named my team the Dancin’ Homers and referred to a line in that episode, someone looking for that same line stumbled onto my page.

And just for more fun, WordPress shows me what countries people are reading from. Most page views, of course, are from the U.S., which makes sense, because, you know, I live there. But I’ve also had readers from the U.K., Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Iceland, and Ireland, which is pretty cool.


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