I’m off (like, not working, not the other type of off)

If I’ve timed the posting of this post right, it’s popping up at 4 p.m. Normally, I’m in church, playing my first Mass of the weekend. But not today.

Normally, I play a minimum of two Masses per weekend, though I could end up playing up to five. This weekend, I’m playing none.

Instead, I’m in Creve Coeur, Mo., for a friend’s wedding. That means I’m off for only the first weekend since October (when two friends wed) and only the second since last July (the bachelor party weekend for one of those friends).

The 80-plus-year-old guy who normally plays Sundays at my normal church is filling in. I set up everything for him. He should be fine.

It’s a weird feeling. I’m going to feel like I should be playing, though I’ll be five hours away.

But a week off is good. Maybe I’ll pick up on an interesting technique on my break. But more likely, it’s just a weekend off, and that doesn’t hurt at all.


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