UPDATE: The paper chase

So remember how I was talking about my favorite music store, Naperville’s Brookdale Music, closing?

Not anymore. Got this e-mail from them, signed by the store owner, yesterday:

After sending notice in April about closing the store on June 30th, we received an overwhelming response asking us to keep the business operating. Since then, we have worked diligently on options to keep the basic merchandise, printed music, and lesson programs operating at Brookdale Music.

This past week I was able to work out an arrangement to keep us operating in our current location in Pebblewood Plaza for the foreseeable future.

Our plan is still to close the store on June 30th but to do some remodeling and renovating during the month of July to give the store a new look and configuration. We plan to then reopen on August 1st with an improved appearance and new direction.

So there you have it. Considering one of my largest drivers of traffic has been people trying to figure out whether the store is closing, I’m happy to report that it’s not.

3 responses to “UPDATE: The paper chase

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  3. I am ecstatic that that this store is staying open

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