I suspect this ended in disaster

Take a look at this.

You might need to zoom in.

This is, regrettably, choreography to do while singing the Our Father. I found this in an old hymnal, from the ’80s, that was in the choir loft.

Now, granted, there was a slight Wild West mentality after Vatican II when everyone tried to figure out how best to proceed. (Turns out following the guidelines of Vatican II was a good idea.) But as someone who wasn’t around during those years, I’m trying to figure out who thought designated bongo and clapping parts during a hymn were a good idea. As for this, I cannot imagine who in the world would do this.

Here’s a pretty simple rule: If there’s a good chance normal people will feel very stupid carrying out your liturgical stuff, DON’T DO IT. Save us all a lot of trouble, please.

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