Childlike faith ain’t that bad

Another in the series of things I would have blogged about if I were blogging at the time.

I was in the sacristy of church, where the priest and servers vest and where folks head after Mass when they need to register a child to be baptized or First Communioned or to register themselves for marriage. The families who head back there after Spanish Mass often have small, adorable kids, though they can be a handful.

This family had a little one, about 4 years old, though they were registering another child for religious education. They finished registering while the little girl stared at an image of Jesus hanging on the wall.

The image looks something like this.

She kept staring while the family called her away. Took a second for her to respond, but then she looked over. Then she looked back at the image of Jesus. She put her hand to her palm, kissed it, then flung her hand out and blew the kiss at the image of Jesus, ready to head out on her way.

Awwwwwwwwww. My cranky little corazon melted a smidge at this adorable sight. One would expect a 4-year-old to have childlike faith, but this was a good show of it.

I almost envy that little girl. It’s rough, in this day and age, to have childlike faith. The Church is challenged on all sides and from within, and I struggle with many of those challenges myself while trying to stay faithful. That’s why I hope for a bit more childlike (but not blind) faith — not that I want to check out of the challenges of today, but I have to remember that a little bit of trust and hope can go a long way.

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