I deserve a break today, but I’m not getting one until August

Here’s one thing you don’t do often when you work two jobs: taking vacation.

But I’ve scheduled it, and I’m gearing up for my first legitimate vacation in three years. (Drives to weddings out of town don’t count.)

In 2009, while still unemployed but living off my severance and unemployment checks, I went with friends to Lake Geneva, Wis., for five days (the trip was scheduled before I lost my job).

In this cabin, as it so happens.

It was relaxing. The relaxing would have lasted longer if I hadn’t gotten hurt the week after getting back home.

This time, I’m getting on the road. I have friends and relatives to visit from Illinois to Pennsylvania. It’s a lot of driving, but I’m breaking it up over several days to keep myself from tiring out. I’d like to visit my dad’s side of the family, a friend from an internship who will soon be ordained as a Lutheran minister, and a few ballparks (two for Cubs games, one for a Pittsburgh Pirates game, perhaps). It’s still early in the planning process, but I’m looking forward to figuring this all out.

Vacation isn’t the easiest thing to schedule when you have two lines of work. I have to coordinate with two parishes to ensure I’m not scheduled during the time I need off, and I have to make sure in one case that I can switch dates for one week. But there’s something to be said for not having to think about work for a week.

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