7 quick takes Friday: Planning ahead is the key

First time doing this. How badly can I mess it up?

— 1 —

I think I know already what I want to play for Palm Sunday Mass next year. I’m thinking “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross” a cappella at offertory and “Panis Angelicus” (the traditional, not the Franck, which I’m not a giant fan of), also a cappella, at Communion. And “Jesus, Remember Me” for recessional, too. I also know what I want to do for Thanksgiving Mass (which is bilingual) and the Feast of the Presentation two years from now, when it falls on a Sunday. I don’t pick the hymns I play at my main parish, but at least I can suggest this stuff and it’s likely to happen.

— 2 —

If all goes well, I will catch three baseball games during my vacation next month. Plus I think I’ll be visiting my friend who was recently ordained a Lutheran minister. He’s a good guy. Nothing like a little bit of friendly Lutheran-Catholic teasing.

— 3 —

Why aren’t there more Catholic organists blogging? Serious question. Google isn’t helping me find other organists. On the other hand, I wind up being a decent help for at least some folks, because I have a perspective on certain parts of the organisting biz and based on my data from WordPress, it looks like people are looking for that sort of information. Then again, maybe I should corner the market on blogging Catholic organists. OK, Catholic organists. None of y’all blog. Leave it to moi.

— 4 —

The rest of the family was gone for a chunk of this week, so I had to walk Scarlet. I had barely walked her since a German shepherd attacked her in December (I wouldn’t do it, because I was the one walking her during the attack and it was more upsetting than I care to admit), so it took a little bit of readjustment to get back into walking. She hasn’t been attacked, at least, this time.

Scarlet, would you like something? Fine, fine, I’ll walk you.

— 5 —

Actually, walking Scarlet was kind of like tempting fate, because the parents were out of town when Scarlet was attacked, so I had to take her to the vet and pay the $600 to have her repaired. Another time when the parents were out of town, my bike broke under me, then my arm broke under me. Yet I successfully got on the bike twice while they were gone.

— 6 —

The folks at English Mass at my main parish are more traditionally minded, but I’m going to gently push them a little bit over the next few months by getting some Spirit & Song stuff (which I mostly don’t like) that snuck into our hymnal. Like I said, I mostly don’t like Spirit & Song, but we’re going to try this hymn in a couple weeks:

And this hymn in September or so (skip ahead to 2:07 or so to avert the annoying interview part of the program):

You will note the composers played their stuff on guitar. I ain’t. I’m playing these on organ, because the publishers were smart enough to put in an accompaniment that would work for organ. (And if they hadn’t, I either would have had to make one up myself or just skip out on the hymns.)

— 7 —

It’s the little things in life, isn’t it? We had going-away drinks for coworkers Monday. Another coworker has a birthday gathering today. And another has a birthday gathering next week, though not on a work day, so I’ll be driving in for it. Just hanging out, chatting and sharing drinks. Relatively inexpensive, but also worth it.

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