Breaking down a language barrier

Say hello to what I hope is the beginning of the end of a recurring issue.

Interestingly enough, I bought it through my employer. Well, sort of. We don’t get employee discounts, but it was on sale through the site.

I’ve written before about how I play the music for Spanish Mass without speaking a significant amount of Spanish. This was funny for a while. After all, it’s one of those “fish out of water” situations. People like the story. And, to be fair, I have picked up a limited amount of Spanish.

But I’ve been playing the music at Spanish Mass for nearly three years now. At some point, it stops being funny. At some point, it’s frustrating. Though most folks at Spanish Mass speak English as well, many don’t–and though they appreciate my attempts to stumble through a little Spanish, I still feel like I should do more, both for me and for them.

Problem is, I work a measly seven days a week. The best way to pick up another language is probably taking a class, but I don’t have time. And I work and live among predominantly English-only speakers, so I don’t have any real chance to practice during the week.

Enter Rosetta Stone.

Now, I’m not pushing or endorsing Rosetta Stone. I’ve had the box all of a few days and only started a couple lessons, so I have no idea whether I would recommend it. I hope it does. And some of the folks at church who are bilingual are more than willing to help me practice, which is something that is a necessity as well.

I’ll keep you posted.


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