Praise music from the past: “The Lord’s Prayer”

First in an occasional series of songs from the past, some used for Catholic Mass, some not so much.

After Vatican II, as songwriters scrambled to fill the churches with new styles of music, you had some hits, some OK stuff and a lot of misfires. But if you wanted to pick something that’s so ’70s, I’d go with Sister Janet Mead‘s “The Lord’s Prayer,” a rockified version of the Our Father that turns the first few lines into a refrain and kind of garbles the rest.

Sister Janet Mead

Some folks, undoubtedly, used it at Mass. (As the norms stand now, I believe it would not be allowed.) But it found a home in the hearts of many outside of Mass, scoring high on the Billboard charts and selling more than 1 million copies in the U.S. alone. But Mead was unaccustomed to stardom, and preferred to continue making music in the hopes of reaching young people.

An example of a rock Mass Sister Janet created.

Thankfully, rock Masses such as the ones Mead created have fallen out of favor. But you’ll note that, as far as the information I found says, she has stayed devoted to the Church all these years (unlike, say, the Singing Nun) and always striven to bring others to Christ. For that, she deserves our gratitude.

(More information here, where I gleaned a large chunk of this info.)


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