Praise music from the past: “Awesome God”

Latest in a series of praise songs from the past; some usable at Mass, others, not so much.

Here’s why this song isn’t usable at Mass: the first line, which is too colloquial:

When He rolls up His sleeves He ain’t just putting on the ritz

Oddly enough, the refrain is fine:

Our God is an awesome God
He reigns from Heaven above
With wisdom, power, and love
Our God is an awesome God

But the verses aren’t (“And the Lord wasn’t joking when He kicked ’em out of Eden/It wasn’t for no reason that He shed His blood…”)

This song had appeal to me when I was in my teens, but then I got a little older and realized that it’s still a decent CCM song, but not a song appropriate for Mass. But it’s cool to use with your youth group, and they might respond well to it.

Rich Mullins. (Photo credit: Promotional photo, available on Wikipedia.)

Rich Mullins, the writer and performer, met a sad end in 1997 in a car crash in which he was not wearing a seat belt. There are claims that he was on his way into the Church. If he had lived longer and been able to enter the Church, imagine him having a chance to write some stuff that would have been usable at Mass. We could have had some great hymns crafted. Instead, however, we’re left to wonder what might have been.


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