7 quick takes for the Feast of All Souls

— 1 —

For Mass on All Souls’ Day (today), I assigned myself a solo, which is this:

I won’t do it nearly as well as John Michael Talbot, but it’s an apropos song, ain’t it? And it’s one of my favorites.

— 2 —

In terms of prayer requests for All Souls’ Day, please remember the son of my next door neighbors. He committed suicide in March after struggling with drug addiction and a job loss. His parents, as you can imagine, are still, themselves, struggling incredibly to cope. The guy was just in his early 20s.

— 3 —

Day job was gracious enough to let me work from home yesterday and today, so that I didn’t have to pop into the office at an awfully early hour (like, 7) to be able to pop home and play for the Masses. Problem is, they introduced something new for my job that requires a Mac. (I hate Macs and everything they stand for, even though I use one at work anyway, and I never had a Mac in college or professionally that worked routinely until the one I have at my day job now.) So I had to lug a Macbook that long commute home for use yesterday and today, and I have to lug it back Monday. On the bright side, I’m just sitting at the kitchen table, typing and stuff from here.

— 4 —

I wish more people had shown up for All Saints’ Mass at my parish. But it’s tough to get people to voluntarily go to a bilingual Mass, especially if they don’t speak the other language or routinely participate in Masses of the other language. (We had to do “For All the Saints” as a cantor solo.)

— 5 —

I hope Bishop Jenky knows what he’s doing. My fear is that he doesn’t. One can be totally right on Catholic teaching (which he is) and completely blow it in the presentation, and I’m very worried that’s what he’s doing here. He’s pushing about to the limits of where clergy should go in terms of talking politics. (And he’s already misstepped with his homily that mentioned Obama and Hitler in the same sentence.) Pray for our bishops and priests. These are tough times, and every mistake will be magnified terribly.

— 6 —

This is why voting Catholic is a lot harder than it seems: For the record, I think Catholics would have to do a lot of crazy pretzel logic to vote for Obama. But voting for Romney is less than satisfactory, too. He may be better on some of the so-called “non-negotiable issues,” but he’s not great. And he’s awful on a lot of the negotiable issues. Unfortunately, the third-party candidates are either wrong on issues I hold dear or are DQ’d by virtue of being birthers. So there are no perfect candidates. I’m not sure there are good candidates.

— 7 —

On that note, I voted yesterday during my lunch hour. (Yay, early voting.) But to give you an idea how “excited” I am with the candidates, here’s my I Voted sticker:

Tiny American flags for all!

So one of these two is fine:

Don’t blame me.

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