These are things non-church musicians do not deal with

The other day, I and my choir had to sit tight for about 20 minutes while a late-running novena to Our Lady of Guadalupe, run by the Hispanic Catholics in the city, was going on.

This is all YOUR fault! (Um, happy day devoted to you, by the way.)

I grumbled. Someone needed to tell me this beforehand, I groused to myself. (The pastor apologized for later for the scheduling conflict, though, to be fair, they were running late, so it wasn’t really his fault.) But this is why I like the choir: They took it all in good spirit. Most sat quietly in the choir loft (which wasn’t being used, as the music was being played on the downstairs piano). A couple folks stayed downstairs to participate in the Mass, even though they didn’t understand Spanish.

Anyway, we heard stuff like this (minus the mariachi band):

I have to admit, ’twas a pretty song. And I softened my irritation. The choir had taken the right tone, and I had not. After all, things sometimes happen. It’s always better to take a cheerful tone and roll with the punches than, well, not to.


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