Pope Benedict XVI and his character in 140 characters

These are the pope’s first five tweets:

Nothing particularly controversial or groundbreaking there, I would argue. Let’s check in on how his non-fans are viewing this:

Sigh. But take heart, folks. Remember that those who are firing off tweets like that have neither the ability nor the will to actually discuss what the pope has written or said. They cannot address the underlying philosophy behind Catholic teachings. All they can do is snipe and smart-mouth. Call them on it. How they react will be telling. And keep educating yourself on the philosophy behind Church teachings.

As for me, I suspect we won’t find any earth-shattering stuff from the pope here, at least for those who are familiar with Catholic teaching. But the guy’s smart, continuing to dig into areas he considers ripe for evangelization. And the cesspool of the Internet’s a pretty good place to work. Keep it up, your Holiness.

And give the guy who’s looking through those replies a raise, too.

One response to “Pope Benedict XVI and his character in 140 characters

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