7 quick takes: Snow kidding

— 1 —

We finally have snow! It’s been, no kidding, somewhere in the neighborhood of almost ten months since we last had snow. So when I woke up this morning to see this:

I wasn't even willing to go outside to take this. It wasn't that cool.

I wasn’t even willing to go outside to take this. It wasn’t that cool.

Actually, I was kind of underwhelmed, because we were promised 3-6 inches. Didn’t get that.

— 2 —

I took the week off the day job. And this is OK. I got some long-neglected cleaning done, bought the rest of my Christmas gifts, took mom out to lunch at a local restaurant chain, visited with my grandmother (who was recently in the hospital but is fine now), went to the gym a lot, and quite a bit more. I had to put in in May to get this time off, and I’m more than OK with it. And I won’t be back in the office until the day after Christmas, so a full 11 days off is good with me.

— 3 —

I had to cancel the kids’ choir for Christmas. I feel bad about it, especially considering how well they sang at Thanksgiving, but they weren’t at practices for Christmas. I could just let them do badly at Christmas, but I won’t — especially, admittedly, because it would reflect badly on me. But it’s not a good idea to set the kids up for failure, anyway.

— 4 —

I just want this to be heard again:

I posted about this the other day, but I would like this to get out as much as I can — it’s a Christmas carol penned by a member of my main parish in the 1950s and sung at our parish every year. (If the embed doesn’t work, click here.)

— 5 —

It’s been a weird week of being recognized. I had to visit the dentist on Monday, and one of the receptionists said she was the mom of one of my cantors at my other church and complimented how I played. Then the dentist, working on my filling, also complimented me on how I played. OK, that happens from time to time. NBD. Then Wednesday, I took Scarlet the Overenergetic for Her Age Dog (she’s 7) to the vet because she was whining a little more than usual, and it was a weird whine. The vet found nothing wrong, and the vet’s assistant asked me if I played the piano at my main parish, which, uh, I do. She was cute; I should have kept the conversation going. Alas. But Scarlet will need to go to the vet again at some point.

— 6 —

I found this in my local bookstore:

The Brits have to be annoyed with this.

The Brits have to be annoyed with this.

Now, the “Keep Calm and…” meme is tired, old, and irritating. But this takes it to new heights.

— 7 —

Hey, wait a minute, wasn’t the end of the world supposed to be today? Let’s check in with Skeeter Davis for the forecast:

And now a moment for station opinion, from R.E.M.:

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