7 quick takes: That’s the question

— 1 —

A lot going on this week, for once. For example, the other night I took the “Jeopardy!” qualifying test online. I’ve been on the contestant pool for the show three times before (once as adult, once for college tourney, once for teens) but never got on. But I know former coworkers who were on, and a friend actually went to California this week to tape his episode(s), which will air in May. So I know it can happen for me, and I sure hope it does. If not, there’s always “Wheel of Fortune,” I suppose.

Want to be on.

— 2 —

I also bought a bed. Got the frame from my mom’s friends who are moving out of town, then broke down and paid $$$ for the mattress set. Adulthood stinks, but since the set was delivered the other day, at least I’m sleeping well.

— 3 —

To give you an idea of how much I hate big purchases, let me tell you this: I was still sleeping on my futon from college, and I graduated 5.5 years ago. I suspect (er, hope) this is common for folks like me who went through a job loss. I’ve saved up money and such; I just don’t like spending money when something can go wrong. Then again, I also bought a Kindle Fire this week. Then again again, I paid for that almost entirely with gift cards.

— 4 —

I have a super-secret project planned that a couple friends and their 6-month-old (whom I’ve written about here) will be helping on. Spoiler alert: the baby will be manning the camera, with his drool serving as a camera filter. Will post results in a little more than a month.

— 5 —

I’m playing a confirmation soon, joined by … piano, guitar, violin and drums? Drummer is a nice guy. Still will be writing a post arguing against drums at Mass at some point. (Don’t get me started on the tambourine.)

— 6 —

As some of you know, I live on Illinois, which has a gay marriage bill in the works that will likely eventually pass. I think Catholic teachings on sex are correct, mind you. And thus, gay marriage is wrong. But though my head gets it, my heart hates it, and the whole thing tears me into a million pieces. From smug liberals like Neil Steinberg calling Cardinal George a bigot (without any understanding of why the Church teaches what it does), to my loved ones who are gay and lesbian, to my workplace that doesn’t give a second thought about gay rights, to the Catholic programming that treats gay marriage as something apocalyptic. It makes the whole shebang terribly difficult to stomach. (I don’t dismiss the religious liberty angle, by the way. A lot of nonreligious people basically want the Church and its adherents punished for following Church teaching, and that’s incredibly wrong.) But no matter how the bill turns out, my heart will be heavy.

— 7 —

It’s been a long week. Let’s just close with one of my favorite “Simpsons” gags:

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One response to “7 quick takes: That’s the question

  1. #3 My husband had this same problem with spending money, even when it was right there to spend. When he overcame it, he lost his job:) so in the end not spending was good practice for when we couldn’t spend.

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