7 quick takes: Eh, take the weekend off

— 1 —

A lot of you reading this will be doing so after I’ve exited for a weekend’s vacation. I’m playing zero Masses this weekend after playing five last weekend, and it’s my first weekend entirely off since I was on vacation in August, so I’m hoping to enjoy it as much as I can. I’ll be driving to and from Indianapolis, so I would appreciate your prayers for a safe trip each way.

— 2 —

Now, I’m gone this weekend, and the other guy at my main parish is out of the hospital (he had a mini-stroke last week) but unable to play. We are the only two musicians at our parish, forcing a scramble to get some fill-ins from around the area for this weekend. Luckily and to my relief, the parish found them. So I can skip town this weekend with no problem.

— 3 —

The NHL is back! Is all forgiven? No. But I do love the Blackhawks, so it won’t be too long before I forgive and forget.

— 4 —

A million praises to Lino Rulli, the Catholic Guy, who told an absolutely riveting, tragic story on the air (though I don’t have satellite radio, I do listen to his best-of podcast) about a friend and his sad end. With no backup or producer in the office because of the MLK holiday, he began a monologue that rivaled what I hear on “This American Life,” minus the maudlin overthinking and liberal guilt. It takes a lot to tell a story like that so completely, especially with no safety net in case he lost it on the air. That story goes in your next book, sir. Well done.

— 5 —

I have no idea anymore what to think about Manti Te’o.

— 6 —

On the awful anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Lifesite dug up this gem on why abortion is wrong from Mother Teresa. I think this is one of the best pro-life arguments out there, because it makes clear the negative repercussions beyond the simple taking of a life. When people ask “how does abortion affect me,” here’s a good answer.

But wait? There’s more. Jennifer Fulwiler, 7QT chief herself, has a barnburner of a column that addresses her pro-life conversion. She had to evaluate abortion on a visceral level and a philosophical level, and eventually reaches this key epiphany: “I realized in that moment that perfectly good, well-meaning people — people like me — can support gravely evil things through the power of lies.”

But wait again! There’s even more, and from an archbishop, no less! Archbishop Samuel Aquila did something I’ve never heard of from a successor of the apostles: he discussed his experience, long before he was a priest or bishop and even before he was relatively religious, with abortion. He knew, from experience, how awful abortion is, and it inspired his pro-life views. It’s a quite powerful message.

— 7 —

There was a thing floating around this week that made sheet music of the way overpaid, overdramatic singers do the National Anthem. But I prefer the “Simpsons” take, all the way back from the very early seasons of the show. Their embedding code is incompetent, so just click here and enjoy.

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