7 quick takes: It was so cold…

— 1 —

Man, it was cold last weekend. You know how cold? It was this cold:

That says -53, in case you can't read it.

That says -53, in case you can’t read it.

Brrrrrrr. On the other hand, the bank thermometer was broken, and it was only about +15 at the time.

— 2 —

Now, last Friday night was legitimately pretty frigid. There, I think we got to somewhere around zero in the evenings, and maybe 10 in the daytime. But I got this beautiful picture:

Don't remark. You like Instagram, and you know it.

Don’t remark. You like Instagram, and you know it.

See? That 15-minute wait in FreezerLand for the b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-bus was totally worth it.

— 3 —

My Sundays continue to be busy. I’m booked for Mass accompanying almost completely solid through the first week of April. But in accord with my new policy of taking it easy on some weekends, I cleared out a Sunday at the end of this month, and I’ll be clearing one out in April so I can go to my friend’s bachelor party. (March has Palm Sunday and Easter, both of which I need to be available for.) I must admit, it’s nice to be wanted.

— 4 —

Chris Kluwe is a punter in the NFL, currently with the Minnesota Vikings. He is notable, especially, because he is a proponent of same-sex marriage. He is not knowledgeable on Catholicism, however. To wit:

Oh, Chris. Chris, Chris, Chris. It’s easy to swing away at something you don’t understand. Let’s let Catholic Answers explain:

…it is necessary to explain exactly what infallibility is not. Infallibility is not the absence of sin. Nor is it a charism that belongs only to the pope. Indeed, infallibility also belongs to the body of bishops as a whole, when, in doctrinal unity with the pope, they solemnly teach a doctrine as true….

Some ask how popes can be infallible if some of them lived scandalously. This objection of course, illustrates the common confusion between infallibility and impeccability. There is no guarantee that popes won’t sin or give bad example.

Now, I don’t know where he’s exactly going with his link, but I have a guess. We know priests did bad things. Duh. It’s a rotten mess, and it’s a nightmare to clean up, and it’s not even close to done yet, and a lot of people made a lot of mistakes, or worse. But the point of infallibility is that it isn’t dependent on the saintliness (or lack thereof) of those proclaiming something infallible. It’s the argument, not the person, and Chris Kluwe wants the focus on the person. We know Kluwe disagrees with the Church on gay marriage. C’est la vie. But if he’s going after the pope, he may want to know what he’s railing against before he makes himself look silly on Twitter.

— 5 —

Last Friday, a number of people in my department at the day job were laid off. It was long coming; their jobs were replaced largely by automated systems that should have been implemented in the first place. So, in a sense, those jobs never should have existed. But they did, and now they’re gone, and some very good people are out of work. Your prayers, please, that they find new work quickly, as it’s still not easy in this economy to find something decent. (By the way, I’m feeling secure in my day job, at least as things stand now.)

— 6 —

This weekend, I’m planning to visit the Museum of Broadcast Communications with a friend. I’m a sucker for that old-time TV stuff and watch old newscasts on YouTube from time to time. I visited the museum before it had its own building, but that was a decade ago and I don’t remember it. So I’m going in cold, but totally looking forward to it.

— 7 —

This weekend, I’ll be playing what’s definitely a first for me: a Mardi Gras Mass. Yup. That’s what it is. Apparently, a Dixieland-style band will be joining me and the choir at one of my parishes to play through some spirituals — I’ll be on piano, obviously. I have no idea how this will go (it sounds like something that could be awesome or total disaster), but wish us luck!

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