Proof that older hymns are not necessarily better hymns: “God Bless Our Pope”

Remember this, people who claim that everything after Vatican II stinks and everything before Vatican II was awesome:

Yes, the first line of “God Bless Our Pope” is “Full in the panting heart of Rome.” Yes, that’s a very, very bad first line. (Also, the refrain ending, “God bless our pope, the great, the good,” is bizarre.) And no, my Facebook friend who posted it, thinking it was a good hymn, didn’t seem to realize that that line, which might have been OK when it was written, definitely stinks now.

So keep that in mind. You can complain about “For You Are My God” and its “alien band” all you want, rad trads and everything-written-after-Vatican-II-stinks grouches, but then you have to accept that disasters like this exist that cannot be blamed on the 1960s.


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