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What I played last weekend: Triduum and Easter Sunday

Let me just state, for the record, that I am very tired and my arms are just about ready to fall off.

Holy Thursday

Note: The Washing of Feet rite, which is optional, was not used at this Mass.

Good Friday 1

Good Friday 2 (bilingual)

  • Veneration of the Cross 1: Jesus, Remember Me
  • Veneration of the Cross 2: Behold the Wood
  • Veneration of the Cross 3: Entre Tus Manos (Spanish)
  • Communion: I Am the Bread of Life (bilingual)

Easter Vigil


* Denotes something I’ve never played at a church service before


A prayer request

The old monsignor that I wrote about here has died. His obituary is here. He had a long, excellent career in ministry, very little of which I actually knew about.

As it turned out, what we thought was just a few senior moments, the struggles of age, or maybe a bit of dementia was something quite awful — a brain tumor, malignant, irremovable, terminal.

Monsignor Robert Hoffman

I didn’t know Msgr. Hoffman well, but I liked him and respected him. He was a pretty good homilist, a kind man, and an able priest — for more than 50 years, no less. And he will be missed. Please remember him in your thoughts and prayers.

Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord…

What I played last weekend: Palm Sunday

Mass 1: 

Mass 2:

A note on the latter Mass: I directed the a cappella parts and sang with the choir as well.

7 quick takes: Can’t talk. Prepping for fantasy baseball draft.

— 1 —

Here are my stacks of paper with player rankings on them. Here are the experts’ picks for sleepers and busts. There, not bought because I’m not that insane, are the $9.95 preview issues. Yeah, it’s fantasy baseball time again — something I wrote about last year. I finished fourth (out of 10) last year, which wasn’t bad for a first-timer. Now, though, I need to try to improve upon that, because not only is the woman who used to be my boss and is now, as far as I’m concerned, a friend (she’s elsewhere in the company now), in the league, but so is her boyfriend and a different coworker. Plus I lost to my ex-boss in all of our head-to-head matchups last year, including our playoff match (though I beat her boyfriend each time).

— 2 —

My old friend Sister Alicia Torres was on the local news after Pope Francis’ election, though I inadvertently missed it. I’ve since finally caught up to it, and it’s a good interview. Check it out here. I really need to drop her a line and see what she’s up to on the West Side of Chicago. By all accounts, it looks like she’s extraordinarily happy.

— 3 —

The day job is giving me a challenge again. The copy editors (of which I am one) are all being dispersed and sent to specialized teams; mine is sports (so at least I know something about it). Also, we’re no longer copy editors. We’re “associate editors,” which means I have to get myself up to speed on a lot of other stuff. I’m a little nervous that I’m not going to be able to do it, though all indications are that I can, so I would appreciate a couple extra prayers, if you don’t mind.

— 4 —

All ready for Palm Sunday? I am. So is my Saturday choir. We’re doing a cappella stuff (no accompaniment) the whole way through after the Passion. It’ll be “Soul of My Savior,” “Keep in Mind,” and “Jesus, Remember Me,” all a cappella. I’m excited for it to happen. In a related note, a couple years ago, my main parish played a starring role in a short film entitled “Palm Sunday.” Check it out below.

— 5 —

The best moment of my week? It was yesterday, when a coworker brought her baby nephew into the office. The little guy, maybe three months old, was a little overwhelmed by the office environment, and he was staring all over the place. But when he got to me, I smiled at him, and he smiled back. Perhaps we can be cold-hearted from time to time, but when you get a baby smiling at you, that’s enough to melt the most terrible monster, you would hope.

— 6 —

Don’t even ask about my NCAA brackets. I filled one out for my new department’s bracket challenge … but they’re all sports people. I am, but not quite a sports fanatic on their level, and I haven’t paid attention to college basketball this year. I’m in the middle so far, at least.

— 7 —

Ever wonder what an animated “Calvin and Hobbes” would have looked like? Someone made one that’s fairly true to the comic strip (no voices, though). This is what he came up with:

Oh, would that have been nice to see.

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Handy organist tip #6: Play angry

I was in a very foul mood over the weekend. Why isn’t important, but when you’re an organist, you have the opportunity to do something about it. After all, with centuries of organ music available, there ought to be a few brooding, angry pieces sitting around that you can play.

Then again, why not go with the obvious?

One rule: It’s probably not a good idea to wear a cape and half-mask and pine for Emmy Rossum (or if you’re a little older, Sarah Brightman) in the process.

Pining for Emmy Rossum is totally understandable, for the record.

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So, is this spam or just mad rantings?

The following went into my spam folder for the post where I zapped “Stuff You Should Know” on its papal podcast, and it landed the same day Francis was elected pope. But, for the life of me, I can’t tell whether it’s actually spam or just some confused individual ranting about … uh, something tied to the papacy. Read for yourself and decide:

In 1798 Napoleon arrested Pius VI and took Rome. Since 1798 we have had 7 Papal name’s. 1. Pius 2. Leo 3. Benedict 4. Gregory 5. John 6. Paul 7 John Paul.
Verse 11 of Revelation 17 the next Papal name after John Paul is suddenly out of order The beast that was, and is not even (also applies) is the 8th. This is saying Benedict “was” 2005-2013″ “is not” NO POPE, notice arrest warrants and take over of Vatican banks end of March. “yet is” returns to power, and name change.Antichrist is a word almost too simple, if that’s what it describes.I must say that if this is so, we live in a world crowded of Antichrists.It is said that the emperor Nero and Hitler were his precursorie.What had in common? The suberbia,they believed to be a God, were involved in the occult, one sought to exterminate Christians and the other Jews.I firmly believe that the prayer of each can change a lot. So I think that is pointless to do forecasting of the future

So, what do you think? Spam (I left it marked as spam and deleted it), or mad rantings of a terribly confused individual?

What I played last weekend: 5th Sunday of Lent

Masses #1, 2 and 3:

Mass #4:

* denotes song I have never played at Mass before until today.