Very quick new pope thoughts

Don’t know much about Francis I, but what I know so far: I like him.

First off, his opening remarks. An incredible statement of humility to begin by leading all in prayer for Benedict, and another by asking right off the bat for our prayers for him. And one more nice touch by offering a plenary indulgence to all following the proceedings.

I’m not surprised (and I am pleased) we have a Latin American pope. I am surprised that the conclave picked a 76-year-old. I’m very surprised they picked a Jesuit.

The Lord sometimes works in funny ways, doesn’t he? I don’t think a lot of us had heard of him until he showed up on the balcony. I don’t think I had. But I’m thinking good thoughts so far. Remind me of this soon, because the media honeymoon should be over in about a half-hour.

More thoughts on what I hope for from the new pope as soon as I can get them down.


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