7 quick takes: “Are you there, Benedict? It’s me, Francis”

— 1 —

This had to be the most awesome call of all time. I mean, really, think about this. The current pope chatting with the pope (Ret.). Getting hints such as “Seriously, get that light replaced in the study. It buzzes.” Benedict will stay out of the spotlight, as he has chosen. But it’s also clear that there will be no harm in Francis checking in every couple of days for advice.

Have I mentioned that I like Francis? I really, really like the guy. Every single note he hit on his introduction to the world was just about perfect. And the stories we’ve heard since (taking the bus with the other cardinals back to wherever they were going, instead of hopping into the papal limo) give us an idea of a man who will exude greatness in his own right, just like so many pontiffs before him.

— 2 —

I suspect we will hear one day that, like Benedict XVI (Ret.), Francis “Don’t Call Me the I Until We Have the II” will tell us that he did not want to be pope — and perhaps even prayed not to become pope. But God, as we have seen time and time and time again, often has other plans. I suspect this reign won’t be too long — almost certainly not longer than a decade. But when we expect little of popes, we get a lot. I, for one, am excited to see what Francis will bring to the table. I’ve heard and read plenty of good stuff so far.

— 3 —

So practices for Palm Sunday and East Sunday are going well. Those are the ones I control. I also am playing for another Palm Sunday Mass, a Holy Thursday Mass, two Good Friday services, and an Easter Vigil Mass. So my Holy Week will be, uh, busy. To wit:

Saturday of Palm Sunday weekend: two Masses
Palm Sunday: one Mass.
Tuesday of Holy Week: practice.
Wednesday: two practices.
Holy Thursday: one Mass.
Good Friday: two services.
Holy Saturday: one long Mass.
Easter: two Masses.

I’m taking a couple days off from the day job to help with this, but I bet I’ll be tired when this is all done.

— 4 —

The other day, I went peeking into the morning and evening prayers sections of my main parish’s hymnal. As it turns out, there’s plenty of usable stuff there — but since it’s buried in those sections, I bet no one uses them. For example, Pedro Ruvalcava, who wrote the hymn that was a hit at Thanksgiving bilingual Mass, has another very good piece with his trilingual setting of the Magnificat. The refrain is the first few words of the Magnificat in Latin, with the cantors alternating verses in English and Spanish. Take a listen here.

— 5 —

Things are calmer on the work front — and I may have a chance for promotion! I could use the extra money, and I like being rewarded for working hard. So I would appreciate your prayers for things to work out.

— 6 —

Do you ever see someone forwarding chain emails or posting stuff to Facebook? And it’s clear whatever they’re posting is bunk? I try not to be a jerk, but I am a former journalist and I value accuracy. So I’ve done, a few times, a posting of something (with sources) that debunks whatever tripe someone thinks is going on. Had to do that the other day with a thing that claimed the troops are no longer getting breakfast (sigh). Will need to do that, probably, with Francis and the junta. We’ll have to see.

— 7 —

My soundtrack for work this week has been an ’80s station I set up on Pandora. And whenever it spits out Crowded House’s “Don’t Dream It’s Over,” I get happy. It’s a beautiful song, so here it is again.

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2 responses to “7 quick takes: “Are you there, Benedict? It’s me, Francis”

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  2. <quote>
    Do you ever see someone forwarding chain emails or posting stuff to Facebook? And it’s clear whatever they’re posting is bunk? I try not to be a jerk…

    Simply debunking the post isn’t necessarily being a jerk, especially if you do it with charity. OTOH, I remember an article in print perpetuating the alleged Tommy Hilfiger racist comments against Filipinos. Lost no time in mailing the paper’s Reader’s Advocate. I’m also hard on journalists, current or ex, who post bunk, because they should know better.

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