7 quick takes: home shopping edition

— 1 —

First, the big news: I’m shopping for a home. I wrote about this last year, and tried to start the process, at which point day job hit a rough patch. Things have stabilized enough, and I’ve saved up enough cash, that this is about as good a time as any to look for a house.

I want this one. Might be a little bit out of my price range.

— 2 —

Since people are going to give me advice regardless of whether it’s solicited, I’m just giving in now and will accept any and all advice. I might ignore it, but I’ll hear/read it. (I’ve ruled out condos but not townhomes, by the way. A single-family home seems most likely to win out.)

— 3 —

My Realtor, who is very nice and good at finding stuff, headed out with me last Sunday to help me get an idea of what I want. Rule: old people homes need too much work. The decor is supersuperold, the appliances are from the ’50s, and the wiring is dangerously out of date. Some houses are relatively up to date, and a lot of townhouses are still looking pretty nice. I’m not looking for anything grand–my salary, including church work, is solidly middle class but still modest–but I also want something that is in decent shape. And my Realtor has done a good job of finding stuff like that.

Seriously, we saw stuff that wasn’t too different from this. Except even more flowery and bright-y.

— 4 —

The thing that is intimidating is how much stuff I’ll need to buy when I actually get a place. There’s insurance, furniture to fill out the other rooms, decor updates, tools, and all sorts of other stuff. I have enough money for the house, no prob. The other stuff? Might take some time.

— 5 —

I was a happy camper at work this week, because I had the opportunity to write. Normally, I edit. But I had the chance to try the other end of the process, and I got pretty good feedback. If I can nail this stuff down, it’ll look strong for when I try to get promoted.

— 6 —

And now, to tie everything together: I have a compensation review at the day job today. I can use more money, of course, and I’m hoping to get a nice raise. I ask for your prayers, but not that I get a good raise–my raise amount was already determined; they just have to tell me. Instead, I ask your prayers that I use my money wisely and accept the verdict, regardless of what it is. Thanks, everyone.

— 7 —

I didn’t say a word about church music this week, did I? That’s rare. And we’ll keep it that way. Who remembers this ’80s song? I don’t, as I wasn’t born when it came out. But in terms of ’80s pop songs, this one’s a treat. And it has a trippy video, too!

But then it leads to the inevitable question: Is the original song better, or the cover? You decide. (No music video that I could find, but look at Jon Cryer’s hair. Very Eddie Munster-ish.)

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