7 quick takes: After the birthday has ended

— 1 —


My birthday was Monday. I had done all my celebrating over the weekend, so this Monday was a normal day for me. A normal, quiet day. On the way home, I stopped at a local park, still with slightly swollen waters from last week’s flooding, and I took this shot (and Instagrammed it). It was a nice, quiet, beautiful ending to a nice, quiet birthday.

— 2 —

I bought myself a housewarming gift, even though I haven’t actually bought a house (still working on it):


They were selling their wares at my main parish one weekend. Supposedly, these works are made in the Holy Land. I cannot verify that independently and have to take it on faith, though I will say for certain that the wood of this crucifix (for wall adornment) is quite solid. There’s more from this company here.

— 3 —

I’m playing a grand total of zero Masses this weekend, because I’m heading out of town for my friend’s bachelor party. It’s my first full weekend off since January, so I’m planning to enjoy it. I need to take more time off, so weekends like this are really crucial.

— 4 —

In music-related stuff, I had the choir at my main parish learn this one for entrance:

Usable anytime Psalm 118 isn’t the responsorial, it lasts plenty long for the extended entrance the priest does in Eastertide.


— 5 —

I missed this piece by Msgr. Charles Pope about not being a liturgical music snob. I try, and sometimes fail, to live by this, but it does line up with what I’ve been saying. Obviously, I have my preferences for what should be done at Mass and what shouldn’t. But I don’t make the rules, and the rules, wisely, don’t force much on us.

— 6 —

 Good job, Cardinal Dolan. The man has an impossible job, but he lays out, quite correctly, how we’re supposed to live our faith. 

— 7 —

If you haven’t seen this yet from the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles, do so:

And buy their CD when it’s out. Go singing nuns!

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