7 quick takes

— 1 —

My friend is the current “Jeopardy!” champion! I’m thrilled for John, who was trying to get on the show for a while. And I’m very proud of him, too. He’s a very good man and a good Catholic, all of which is more important than being smart. But I bet the extra money for being smart cannot hurt. (Side note: Obviously, these episodes are taped well in advance. But John was not allowed to divulge the results until they showed up on TV.)

— 2 —

I switched work buildings recently, which means a different stroll to and from the train station. Based on sights like this, I would argue it is better:


Also, the printing plant of a former employer is visible from my window:


Yes, this new building is growing on me. But it’s really easy to get lost in. I won’t say getting to the tech desk to borrow a laptop was difficult, but the way was so mazelike, I had to defeat a minotaur on the way in.

— 3 —

I really have a desire to go on retreat, as I haven’t been on one in about a decade, when I was in high school. One of the things about organisting is that there is little time for just letting go during Mass. There are cues to not miss, for example. Also, I work a measly seven days a week. A little respite wouldn’t hurt. Problem is that I haven’t seen much for my age range. But I’m looking. Or I’ll take suggestions.

— 4 —

Here’s something you don’t see often in a bishop these days: an admission that the Church’s losing, and losing badly, on many fronts. I felt quite a bit of resignation in Bishop Tobin’s statements on gay marriage, which will soon be legal in his state of Rhode Island, and within a few years across the country, I suspect. (Look at the poll numbers. The battle is over, and it would be foolish not to acknowledge it and figure out how to approach it.)

— 5 —

A reminder to fight actual enemies instead of perceived — the idea that religious believers could be court-martialed for sharing their faith seemed unlikely to me, and the Pentagon has now insisted it’s not so. I have no reason to doubt the Pentagon on this, and you don’t either outside of distrust of the current administration, which isn’t a good enough reason.

— 6 —

One more note from the bachelor party weekend (last weekend): At the Mass my friends and I attended, the priest said something that was so obvious I should have realized it earlier — it’s OK if your mind wanders during the Rosary. (Don’t ask how it came up. I’m not sure. It was kind of a rambling homily otherwise.) This happens to me aboard the train, where, in the morning, I often pray the Rosary. But there are a lot of loud noises, and I lose track sometimes. I still need to work on my focus, because it’s too easy to check Facebook, even at 7 a.m.

— 7 —

To be fair, my friend John hasn’t lost on “Jeopardy!” yet. But when he does, we all know the song that’ll be playing at his place:

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