7 quick takes: I’m now a composer dude

— 1 —

Hey, look, I wrote a piece of music!

easter alleluia

Well, not really. I just repurposed a portion of Mozart’s “Exsultate, Jubilate” to see if I could make a Gospel acclamation out of it. I had thought about this and realized it would be a fantastic Gospel acclamation, and “Exsultate, Jubilate” is sacred music, after all. There’s nothing wrong with using classical Church music in a new way. But first, I looked up whether this had been done:

Yes. But it was too high for my choir to use easily  (it dared to stay in Mozart’s original key of F), so I knocked it down a step and a half to D, added a psalm tone, and voila! I sort of wrote something.

Composing is something I’ve wanted to do, so if this ends up being successful, I might do some more of it (though adding a bit more in terms of originality).

— 2 —

Shameless plug of sorts: I was featured in Loyola Press’ “Arts and Faith” series this week. Check it out! It’s quite an honor, and I’m grateful to Loyola Press and their staffer Rosemary Lane, for the feature. My uncle, who does church music (albeit the guitar type) in Pennsylvania and is studying for the diaconate, got an email with my picture on it Wednesday, so I’m kind of curious to find out who’s reading about me and where.

— 3 —

Another reason I’m grateful to her and Loyola Press is that it gave me a chance to reflect on several things, including where and when I started in church music  (1998, when I was 13, at the parish I grew up in) and what church music really means to me and my faith life. I don’t really do that as much as I should.

— 4 —

Prayer request: One of the cantors at one of my churches is dealing with throat problems that are keeping her from singing and at times keeping her from talking. So if you don’t mind asking St. Blase to put in a good word for her, I’d appreciate it.

UPDATE: More serious prayer request: My cousin, who has suffered from health issues for years, including a brain tumor that he has survived far longer than doctors thought he would, apparently suffered a heart attack without realizing it sometime ago. I guess he’ll be OK, but please pray for his restoration to health.

— 5 —

House hunting again this weekend. I’m finding more out there that I like. Wish me luck!

— 6 —

You know what I like about this pope? Well, many things. But you read reports of his homilies and realize his touch may be somewhat common, but quite memorable and elegant in its own way. This is true on the Twitterz, too. Here’s a recent tweet:

Bam. Nicely done, Your Holiness.


— 7 —

To close, here’s a picture from the other day of my dog Scarlet basking in the sun, because I like pictures of my dog and I don’t do this that often:

scarlet in sun

Good dog.

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