Well, I can’t turn this down

One of the regulars at my main parish took me aside.

“My mother wants you to play her funeral,” she said. “And sing, too.”

I didn’t know she was dead.

“She’s not,” the woman said. “But she’s pretty sick.” But, she added, her mom may not pass for a while. While her mother was thinking of it, though, she wanted to make sure it could be arranged to have me there. (Which is something I can do on my end, because work lets me work from home once a week, and it’s a request the parish would accommodate.)

Remember this, organist kids, when you wonder whether your ministry matters. Yes, it does. Because you, like the priests, will be there at both the most joyful and the saddest moments of life. And when you get requested for something like this, it’s an honor that you better do your best to fulfill.

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