This is my go-to organ music book

When I’m playing Masses on the weekends, I generally have a couple books with me to play instrumentals for before, after and sometimes during Mass. But there’s one book that I routinely turn to for a series of good-sounding, not terribly difficult pieces.

I often cart around The Ultimate Organ Book, a compilation of about 150 pieces for almost any instance you can think of, including Easter, Ascension, weddings, funerals, etc. Both preludes and postludes are in there, and some classic pieces (Wedding March from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” Bach’s “Air,” settings of a bunch of hymntunes) are all represented. And they’re mostly decent to good orchestrations and registrations.

One drawback, though, is that the binding isn’t super. I’ll need to buy a new copy soon, because the pages aren’t staying very well on the cheap plastic spiral binding. And at $50 a book, it’s not like these are cheap.

Still, for your weekend warrior organist, this is a valuable resource that could potentially save you a bunch of money. With the caveat of the poor binding, I recommend weekend warriors pick this one up.


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