Where have you been?

I’ve been extraordinarily busy, and that’s why I haven’t posted much lately. Let me explain why.

I’ve been trying to buy a house for the last couple of months, a process that, in a sense, has gone on for several years while I lived with my parents, paid off debts, and saved up money. (More on that here, in a post I made — eep — more than a year ago.) Things had not gone well. I was 0-for-3 in making offers on places, having been outbid every time. Home prices were starting to rise, as were interest rates, which was starting to price me out of decent stuff, and I have neither the time nor the ability to fix up a crappy place. It was frustrating, and we were nearing a point where I would have probably just gone out and gotten an apartment. Until…

Thursday: A new house up for sale popped up in my queue of homes for sale. It looked good to buy. In my price range. Relatively attractive. I called my mom, we agreed we liked it, and I got my Realtor to set up the showing.

Hey, look, it’s stock art that I found somewhere!

Saturday: We looked at the house. Really liked it. Drove immediately to Realtor’s office to make up an offer.

Later Saturday: Got a counteroffer from the homeowners between my Saturday Masses.

Sunday: I lit a candle in between Masses at the church I was playing at. Not necessarily that I get the house (though I really wanted it), but that the right thing happens. After my three Masses, my Realtor and I agreed on a new offer and sent it along. But we were confident I was getting this house.

Later Sunday: While eating Father’s Day dinner with my family, my Realtor texted me to let me know my offer was accepted and the contract was in the homeowners’ hands to sign. Everyone at the table clapped.

Monday: I started buying crap off the Internet, because I kept thinking of things I would need at the new place. I did stop myself from buying a new TV.

Also Monday: I wondered when the signed contract would come back. I had no idea how long these things are supposed to take. I started getting nervous.

Tuesday: Still waiting on the contract. Still wasn’t sure how long this should take. Tried to keep working.

Midday Tuesday: The Realtor told me the contract is back and signed. Coincidentally, a loud gust of exhaled air rushed from my desk in the biggest sigh of relief ever.

Since then, I’ve been trying to do my day job (yeah, that) while setting up the home inspection, drowning in paperwork, figuring out mortgage stuff, writing checks, doing math, and only sorta thinking about how much this is really going to cost. (I have enough money, but still, it’s not like this is cheap.)

Yeah, I know; this is awesome, though I probably won’t have that feeling until I’m holding the keys to the house. The process isn’t over yet, anyway, and the deal could fall through anytime before closing (inspection will be big hurdle #1). That may mean a lot more lighting of votive candles. Please join me in praying that all goes well, and in a month and a half, I’ll finally have a home to call mine and the mortgage company’s.


2 responses to “Where have you been?

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  2. Congrats, sir. Really happy for you!!

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