7 quick takes: Mostly written on a train so please excuse typos edition

— 1 —

As I noted yesterday, I’m in the process of buying a house, and today marks a big step: the inspection. So I would appreciate your prayers that all goes well. I’m nervous, because a friend’s homebuying was derailed by an inspection, and I don’t want the same to happen to me.

UPDATE: It went well. Whew!

— 2 —

On that note, a lot of people asked me how I feel now that I’m buying a house. And the answer is, ask me in a week or two. There’s so much to do to get the ball rolling, and I’m dealing with so much so fast that it’s tough to really sit back and think. Actually, a better answer might be to ask me after I’ve actually moved in.

— 3 —

And everyone’s like, “Tim, you simply must have a housewarming party.” It’ll happen, but it’s waaaaaaaaay back on my list, guys.

— 4 —

I found a great typo this week in a writeup I was editing about music lessons. The writeup discussed “loner instruments” instead of “loaner instruments,” which got me thinking:

A piano wearing a leather jacket gets on his motorcycle.

“None of you understand me,” he says.

Then he drives fast around Unlucky Man’s Curve.

Thank you, thank you. I’ll be here all week.

— 5 —

I do like my day job, but they can be clueless on religion: at their sponsored street fair, they placed the psychic reading booth across the street from a Catholic church and right next to a statue of St. Michael the Archangel. This was a few months after scheduling a party on Good Friday.

Sigh. I know a lot of my coworkers are not religious, but still.

— 6 —

Oh, and the title? Like many of you, I prewrite these for posting on Friday. It is Thursday and I’m heading home from the party in #5. There’s plenty of time to do this, because it’s nearly an hour and a half that this train ride takes up, as I’m riding too late for the expresses and have to take a local.

— 7 —

The closest I can get to new-house music is going to have to be Everclear. The song’s not even really related, but, eh, it’s a pretty good song.

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