7 quick takes: This house won’t buy itself

— 1 —

So as I’ve mentioned, I’m buying a house. And last Friday was the inspection (passed, and there’s no radon either). We’ve asked the homeowners to do some stuff. I’m getting quotes for homeowners’ insurance. And I’ve filled out a ton of paperwork for the mortgage. This. Is. Exhausting. I will be so happy when it’s finished.

— 2 —

At the end of my inspection, the inspector dude gave me this:

inspection book

Apparently, the average age of new homeowners is 5.

— 3 —

Jonathan Toews holding up the Stanley Cup. Alas, I was in a bad spot for photos. Though that never stopped anyone from taking photos.


I didn’t get to go to the Blackhawks championship rally three years ago due to my crappy telecommuting job. There was no way I was missing the parade this year. Oddly, I didn’t feel as celebratory about this year’s win right away, perhaps because their win in Game 6 was a total shock (tying, then game-winning, goal in 17 seconds) and I was drowning in mortgage paperwork. But I’m feeling it now. And I demand a repeat next year.

— 4 —

I think I was glad I was working from home on Wednesday, when the Supreme Court decisions dealing with gay marriage came out. My workplace is all-in on gay rights, and so are most of the employees. Plus Chicago’s Pride Parade is this weekend, and they’ll probably be handing out free T-shirts for it, which, as an employee of the Catholic Church, I can’t accept or wear.

It’s tough knowing Church teachings, not liking them, but reluctantly accepting them anyway. The Church’s stance on homosexuality may be right, but it still breaks my heart.

— 5 —

OCP’s summer catalog is in the mail, the Catholic music publisher says. I may need some extra free time the next few days.

— 6 —

Regarding Wendy Davis and her filibuster of that Texas pro-life law: When I die and face my judgment, I will be held to account, I’m sure, for many things. I’m not perfect, and occasionally, not even good. But I can’t imagine telling God at the end of my life, “I spent more than half a day speaking out in favor of abortion.” We must pray she figures that out in time.

— 7 —

Speaking of the Blackhawks…

That’s the Blackhawks goal/victory song. Something’s lost in the translation to classical, but it’s still really cool.

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