The longest four seconds of my day

It was after Mass, and I was up in the choir loft at my main parish, cleaning up all the music. I had everything more or less set, and I took out my cellphone to see whether I had any messages.

And I lost my grip on the darn thing.

The phone went over the short wall, meaning it was headed for a 20-foot drop. And I could only watch as the phone took a seemingly very long trip down. It had a protective case, but that wasn’t designed for falls like this. I prepared myself for a very expensive repair process.

We could have had this. But, thankfully, we didn’t.

The phone landed on the carpeting in the center aisle and bounced under a pew, barely making any sound in the process. It didn’t shatter into a million pieces, remarkably.

A couple girls, about 9 and 13, watched the phone fall as well.

“Is the phone dead?” I asked.

They couldn’t figure it out, so they brought it back to me. And I was amazed.

No cracked screen. The phone did pop slightly open, but it was still on. No apparent damage. I even typed most of this post on the phone in question.

In general, I oppose carpeting in church. It muffles sound, gets dirty, and doesn’t look very good. But if my phone had landed on marble or tile like they have at the other churches I play at, I would have been buying a new phone. So, for one day at least, carpeting at church ended up being the best thing ever.

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