7 quick takes: This is a crazy weekend

— 1 —

DETROIT — So this is what’s going on: Yesterday, I drove five hours to here from home and had dinner with a friend. Today, I’m trying out for “Jeopardy!” at a local hotel, so it’s serendipitous that the friend I ate with last night was a three-day champ on the show and won $61,000+. Wish me luck! This will be the fourth time I’ve tried out.

— 2 —

After I try out, I need to scurry over to my car and zip to Cleveland (a 3-ish hour drive) where I can check into the hotel where my friends’ wedding reception is going to be held. I will be in a suit all day, because…

— 3 —

…I need to be dressed up for both the “Jeopardy!” tryout and the wedding rehearsal dinner. After which I will probably collapse in my hotel room.

— 4 —

Saturday, then, is the wedding itself. I’m a groomsman, so my day will be very full. And I probably won’t sleep much…

— 5 —

…which is probably a bad idea, since I’m driving to the suburbs of Pittsburgh on Sunday to see my dad’s side of the family. I’ll stay there a couple days, then drive home (nine-plus hours) Tuesday.

Last year, I went incognito as a Pirates fan.

Last year, I went incognito as a Pirates fan.

— 6 —

All this means there are quite a few prayer requests: for my safe travels, for the safe travels of all attending this wedding, and for my friends’ marriage, that it be holy. I love them both, and I want their marriage to be fantastic.

— 7 —

Although the wedding is being held in Chagrin Falls, Ohio (with the reception in Cleveland). Chagrin Falls? That’s like getting married in Regret City. I don’t believe in omens, but still.

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