Wait, this is the World Youth Day song?

You have to be kidding me.

I first heard this on the podcast of “The Catholic Guy,” where the hosts just ripped into the song. Why? Because it’s terrible. For one thing, it’s warmed-over mid-’90s dance pop, which in and of itself is enough to DQ it from being taken seriously. The hosts thought of Ace of Base, but the beat sounded more to me like it was from Cher’s “Believe,” which is just an intolerably awful song.

The hosts also listened to a bunch of past WYD songs, which were uniformly mediocre to terrible. This all smacks of trying-too-hardism, so let me make a suggestion to the good folks who organize WYD: no more theme songs.

None. Just don’t do it. All you’re producing is forgettable tripe. Think about the songs for the Olympics. Anyone remember those? Or care about them? Nein.


One response to “Wait, this is the World Youth Day song?

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