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Prayer request

You have to be kidding me.

After all the grief of the last week or so, I got to church before Spanish Mass to find a large group of people praying for a special intention: now comes word that the daughter of another Spanish cantor has been diagnosed with cancer. Please keep his family and the whole parish community in your prayers, because really, this is too much.

Thank you.


There’s no good way to get sad news

On most Saturday afternoons at my main parish, the Saturday Spanish singers and I have practice. We were working on the psalm for last weekend when I told the guy singing it that he was picking it up pretty fast.

“I think Eva is here,” he said, pointing at his heart. Eva is the Sunday Spanish cantor.

That was a weird statement. Eva and this singer had not always gotten along. Maybe it meant that they were on good terms, or that whatever annoying memories he had were motivating him to do well.

I clearly didn’t give him the reaction he expected, because he repeated it. A couple times, even. And I still wasn’t getting it.

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Lessons from homeownership

The beginning of homeownership is pretty exciting, but it turns mundane in a hurry. The day after I moved in, I woke up and had an exciting thought: “I should make oatmeal for breakfast.” And then I did.

Something will break or malfunction immediately. Stupid bathtub faucet. There goes $200.

Good news: I cut the cord and didn’t get cable, instead relying on Roku, Netflix and Hulu Plus, as well as over-the-air channels. Better news: I get about 70 over-the-air channels, with spectacular picture. Bad news: half of them are not in English.

I have a laundry chute. Laundry slides through a chute in the bathroom down to the basement, where it lands in a shopping cart that at some point has to have been stolen from a local hardware store. Couldn’t return the cart if I wanted; the store has been gone for years. So I can just wheel it over to the washer when it’s full.

I’ve done terribly grownup things like buying wheat bread. And doing the dishes within a day or two. And enduring a parade of people who tell me how they would redecorate/fix up/redesign the house.

If you try to park in your one-car detached garage reachable by narrow driveway, make sure you can get out. Easier said than done.

What’s this about unpacking? I should? Oh, crud.

There is no better feeling than relaxing in the house you bought with your own money and knowing you did it.

Prayer requests

I just got absolutely floored by the news that one of my Spanish cantors, who I saw only a few days ago, has died of complications stemming from diabetes and several heart attacks. Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her.

Also, my friend who hit a rough patch has decided to take a leave from work. She’s still in the middle of the rough patch, so please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you.

What I played last weekend: 19th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Mass 1:

Mass 2:

indicates something I haven’t played at Mass before

Prayer request

A friend of mine has hit a very rough patch. Without me going unto detail, let me suggest that this friend could use our prayers dearly.

Thank you. God bless.

What I played last weekend: 18th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Masses 1 and 2:

Mass 3:

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