7 quick takes: Home fixing-upping edition

— 1 —

This is mine now. I told the story of why this means so much here, but now that I’m a couple days into home ownership, I almost feel like an old pro.

— 2 —

That having been said, the house needs some work before I can move in. The electrics need upgrading from fuses to circuits, and some wiring and outlets seem to be bad. It needs a look from the fam’s cleaning lady, who drops in today. There are branches sitting on the roof, and the yard needs some weeding. Luckily, the family and I are working on a lot of this this weekend, with the help of a couple friends.

— 3 —

There was a minor hiccup in closing: I’ve been sick all week with a cold. I couldn’t even talk on Monday, which is very frustrating. So there I was Wednesday, able to talk (yay!) but also running through the title company’s supply of Kleenex (oops). God is funny like that sometimes. A high point in my life, but not a perfect one.

— 4 —

I was very surprised by my end closing costs. But, for once, it was in a good way. The end cost to me was about $5,000 less than I had expected. So some of that extra money is going to the electricity fix.

— 5 —

I still have a list of things I need to fully furnish the house. Things such as chairs. Actually, I’m in fairly good shape; my credit card bill and punished checking account will attest to that. Ouch.

— 6 —

Yes, friends, coworkers, and random guy from high school, I will have a housewarming party. Eventually. Actually, I’ll probably have two — one for the church crowd/family and one for friends (there’s not much overlap between groups). But I need time to fill up the place first.

— 7 —

So what house-related song should I close the week with? I’m thinking Rosie Clooney, who had two. I’m not sure either song is actually about a house, per se, but they both have “house” in the title, so there.

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