Lessons from homeownership

The beginning of homeownership is pretty exciting, but it turns mundane in a hurry. The day after I moved in, I woke up and had an exciting thought: “I should make oatmeal for breakfast.” And then I did.

Something will break or malfunction immediately. Stupid bathtub faucet. There goes $200.

Good news: I cut the cord and didn’t get cable, instead relying on Roku, Netflix and Hulu Plus, as well as over-the-air channels. Better news: I get about 70 over-the-air channels, with spectacular picture. Bad news: half of them are not in English.

I have a laundry chute. Laundry slides through a chute in the bathroom down to the basement, where it lands in a shopping cart that at some point has to have been stolen from a local hardware store. Couldn’t return the cart if I wanted; the store has been gone for years. So I can just wheel it over to the washer when it’s full.

I’ve done terribly grownup things like buying wheat bread. And doing the dishes within a day or two. And enduring a parade of people who tell me how they would redecorate/fix up/redesign the house.

If you try to park in your one-car detached garage reachable by narrow driveway, make sure you can get out. Easier said than done.

What’s this about unpacking? I should? Oh, crud.

There is no better feeling than relaxing in the house you bought with your own money and knowing you did it.


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