Taking pride in the little things

I met the new neighbors on one side the other day. Kids are nice. Mom doesn’t speak English, though I spoke enough Spanish to more or less introduce myself adequately. I also told them I play the piano.

“I do too!” the one girl said. I talked with her sister as she ran into the house to get something.

Then the girl came out with her “piano.” Well, it wasn’t what you think of when you think “piano.” It was one of those very cheap, crappy two-octave battery-powered keyboards — basically a toy piano with an electronically created sound that was intentionally out of tune. She played a little of it and beamed, very proud of herself. I even leaned over and played a couple of notes.

This was a cheap, crappy object in my book, but to her, it was a treasured possession. Seems to me she has the right outlook on life. I suspect the family, though they have the house, may not have a whole lot else. But this girl, who can’t be older than 10, nonetheless is richer in perspective than she may realize.

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