It’s gauntlet season

The life of a music minister can occasionally get craaaaaaaaaaazy. This week ends up as a case in point. To wit:

Today: Practice at church #1 (for Christmas).

Wednesday: Practice at church #2 (for regular Masses).

Thursday: Practice at church #3 (for regular Masses).

Friday: One All Saints’ Day Mass, plus a rehearsal session with a cantor for a wedding on Saturday.

Saturday: Morning All Souls’ Day Mass, followed by the aforementioned wedding, followed by my regular Saturday English Mass, followed by a concert at another parish at which I’m doing this:

Sunday: Two Masses, then a very long nap. Actually, I have leaves that need raking. And I need to go grocery shopping. And…

This is just like a prep week, though, for busy season. December is always a crazy month. So if I get through this week relatively unscathed, it should set me up relatively well for the Christmas season.

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