The true mark of a good church musician…

…is playing what you hate as if you love it. I think I’ve said this before, but it’s very important to remember and remind yourself (and myself) from time to time.

When you’re an organist or pianist, you’re occasionally (sometimes often) going to have to play music that you think is terrible. I had one recent Mass where I hated almost everything, beginning to end. Such is life. You won’t like everything, of course. But until you’re picking all the music, you won’t get the chance to play only stuff you like.

But even if you hate something (and lists of things I don’t like to play are all over this blog), there are plenty of people who are inspired and drawn closer to God by the music you hate. It’s not about you. Complain about the songs later, if you must. But during Mass, you owe it to the congregation, the church, the Church,  yourself, and, yes, God to do this right.


One response to “The true mark of a good church musician…

  1. Yup. I hate “On Eagles Wings” with a hot passion until the first note of it I play at someone’s funeral.

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