Snowstormy weather

A couple weeks ago, we had a snowstorm all weekend. I had four Masses to play. Weather + Masses is always a mix for interesting times. To wit:

Since I bought my own house, I tend to quickly run home between Saturday Masses (at 4 and 7 p.m.) to eat. I didn’t bother, instead running to the McDonald’s two blocks away. Turns out three inches of snow will change your decision-making process.

I took this photo in between Saturday Masses. It was treacherous and windy and yucky, but it was beautiful, I have to admit.

I got home at 8:30 p.m. after my last Saturday Mass and shoveled the driveway.

My first Sunday Mass was at 8. I woke up at 6 and shoveled the driveway again to remove the three inches that had fallen overnight.

This is what my driveway looks like when shoveled. It doesn’t necessarily last like this that long, alas.

I had shoveled my driveway, but didn’t do so with the street by my driveway. So when I pulled out to drive to my first Masses, I went from relatively clean driveway to very messy street, and my wheels started spinning. I calmly put the car back in drive and went back up the driveway. Then I stopped, put the car in reverse, and pretty much gunned it. I busted through the snow (good thing there were no other cars nearby), stopped myself, and carefully headed on my way.

I did make it to Mass early, like usual. My cantor was not so fortunate. She couldn’t get into her car. She called the church convent and had to send a nun over to tell me she was stuck.Eventually, she got in her car and got to church — 15 minutes after Mass had started. Good thing I can sing. Because I kinda had to.

I wondered whether the director for the next Mass’s choir would make it for the second Mass, because she lives half an hour away in good weather. She managed.

I heard that the early Mass at my main parish had a grand total of 18 people. That’s some nasty weather, yo.

But even after that weekend passed, the weather’s tricks weren’t over — one of my fellow organists slipped on the ice the next weekend and busted some ribs. He should fully recover, but he needs a few weeks off; if you don’t mind sending a prayer his way, that would be great. If duty calls, I will fill in. (The extra money never hurts, of course, but it’s more important to me that there is music at as many Masses as possible.)


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