Bad breaks follow wherever I go

For the second week in a row, I broke a church organ.

OK, that’s not entirely true. Yes, the organs broke while I was playing them. That having been said, the cold weather has wreaked havoc on the pipes, which are protected from the snow but not the cold.

I didn’t do it!

This time, at least, the organ waited until my postlude to break, as opposed to last time. But this time, the break is, in a sense, worse. I could turn off the offending coupler in last week’s break at my main parish. So the organ is usable. But this time, at another parish, I cleared the organ, and the sound didn’t stop.

So the organ is not usable until that is fixed. That’s bad, and potentially expensive.

Now, I realize these breaks aren’t my fault. These are old organs, and even good, newer organs can have issues. But still, I feel bad.


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