The situation: Confirmation (featuring the bishop, of course) is coming up at my main parish.

The problem: Most of the music is in Spanish (a small amount in English), but I have a shortage of available Spanish singers. My main cantor, for example, is going to Panama to visit her ailing mother. The English choir is coming too, but they’re not fluent in Spanish.

The solution: Networking! With all the parishes I play at, I had to know someone else who does Spanish Mass, right? And I do! The choir director at another parish. She’s coming and may bring a couple helpers. Since she’s fully bilingual, she can help with the English music I’m adding as well.

Not this type of reinforcement.

The lesson: If you have some small parishes (or small choirs), maybe some collaboration for big deals such as this is a very good idea. If this works well, I might suggest additional collaboration between parishes for things such as funerals. In the meantime, I’m thankful for selfless musicians who get me out of jams.


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