An interesting request: wedding chants

I don’t play for a ton of weddings, as my main parish that doesn’t have a ton of weddings, and even then I’m not the first option for those weddings. But I do them from time to time, so it wasn’t a big deal when a couple approached me after one of my Ash Wednesday services and asked me to play for their wedding.
Of course, I said. Then they had a request.

“I’d love to walk in to chant,” the woman said.

Embed from Getty Images

Mirabile visu! A young person who wants chant at her wedding! In Latin, no less!

There was just one little problem: I hadn’t a clue what chants are used for weddings. Thankfully, there’s this nifty little thing called the Internet and another nifty little thing called Facebook. With the help of web searching and my sister’s fiance, a former seminarian more familiar with chant, within a couple hours I had figured out which chants were needed. For example, this guy.

Now all I need is a schola, some chant practice, and improved ability to read chant notation. That shouldn’t be too hard, right?


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