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Thoughts on “The Third Way”

Let me start with this: I’m 29, straight, unmarried, and accept (somewhat begrudgingly and sadly) the Church’s teachings on homosexuality. That having been said, I live in a state with gay marriage and work at a company that is a cheerful proponent of gay rights. I have gay relatives and friends.

I think this film ultimately fails at its objective, which is to present Catholic teaching on homosexuality both realistically and positively. Though the film does pretty good at telling us the interviewees who are gay have pretty happy lives, it does a poor job at showing us, and that makes it ultimately unconvincing. I watched the film twice; here are my thoughts: Continue reading


Trust is a must

This next month or so will be tight. My credit card bill is high, my bills don’t stop, and though I got a promotion at work (yay!), the raise was less than I could have used (boo). On top of that, I have several upcoming weekends off for weddings and a conference, so my income for those months will probably be less. And my tree needs trimming, and my house needs some work, and they probably need that work soon.

So I’m a bit concerned. My savings aren’t back yet, so I don’t want to dip into them. So when I got a call from a panicked music director whose parish is 40 minutes from home, I got to breathe a little bit more. They pay a little more than my usual churches, and they had two Masses that needed a fill-in on a Sunday I was otherwise off. And those two Masses went pretty well, if you ask me.

No, it won’t pay for everything I need to take care of, of course. But it’s a subtle reminder that when I’m in need, yeah, God will provide. I don’t deserve it, but it’s that much less I have to worry about.

I just need to remind myself of that, over, and over, and over.

Slurred lines, or: Catholics, we gotta do better than this

Warning: This post contains offensive language; I’m leaving it in because I need to make a point about the language, and it’s harder to do so with euphemisms.

For whatever reason, an organist I know was posting to Facebook whatever he was playing (right after he was playing it, which means it was during Mass, which is probably not a good idea, but stay with me because that’s not the story here).

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Oh, the swamp

So here’s why, except for a post on my birthday, I didn’t post anything for more than a month: I was really, really, really, really, really, really swamped.

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I was promoted at work (yay!), but it adds a little extra to my current duties. And in the Holy Week/Easter buildup, I had practices three days a week, plus three or four Masses pretty much every weekend, for several weeks. So I needed to ensure I had downtime.

Even this weekend, there won’t be much downtime: I have a practice, a wedding, and two Masses on Saturday, then I’m driving 40 minutes to fill in for the first time at another church (for two Masses) on Sunday, after which my family is celebrating my birthday.

Whew! So, yeah, I’ll get to regular blogging again when I can. Until then, rest assured, I’m definitely working on something.

Leaving the past there, if I can

Today is my 29th birthday.

I did not spend today at work, nor spend most of it at home, nor spend it with close friends or family. Continue reading