Suddenly, things turn sort of meta

How many “Phantom of the Opera” jokes have I made on here? Turns out, zero, according to my search thing.

This turns out to be a major oversight, because I’ve been enlisted to help out with a choral concert in a few weeks. I’ll be playing the organ. For this and the rest of the score:

Ah, Emmy Rossum. If you don’t love her, you’re probably dead… I’m sorry, where was I?

Oh, right. Frankly, isn’t this kind of a dream job for a self-aware organist? I won’t have to wear the mask or the cape, contra a co-worker’s desire, and I don’t have to sing (though I could do better than Gerard Butler). And I get to play the iconic five-chord progression that defines “Phantom.”

Your services will not be required, mask.

I’m excited. And wherever Emmy Rossum is right now, I hope she’s impressed.


One response to “Suddenly, things turn sort of meta

  1. Wow, it’s so weird to think *that* film is what launched Gerard Butler’s career, and that Emmy Rossum used to be someone (she’s on “Shameless,” a show people forget exists).

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