The power of beautiful music, in one voice

It was the first night of the church music conference. Met a lot of good folks, including seminarians and fellow weekend warriors such as myself.

Seated at our table was a young man (actually, perhaps a year or two older than me) who, it soon became obvious, had a fairly severe stutter. Very nice guy; just needed some extra time to get out his words. We had a delicious dinner and introduction to the week, and then it was time for chanted compline. The leader asked the guy with a stutter to be one of the cantors.

Embed from Getty Images

?, I thought. Then he opened his mouth to sing.

No stutter. Not even close. His voice was resplendent, confident, strong. He led the chants with no issues whatsoever. It was, in a word, awe-inspiring.

I did some research later and discovered that his experience is true for many who stutter. Why may not be clear. But for him, I would posit there’s divine influence afoot. The music, rich and beautiful, brings him out of himself and unites him to the church throughout the world.

May we all be so lucky to see that divine presence in our own lives.


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